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Bernardo Medina is a Puerto Rican plastic artist and publicist, creator of the pieces in The Jibarita Manifesto Collection. His Puerto Rican identity distinguishes his work, giving it a unique "Jibarito Pop" style.

the sofrito manifesto

The Sofrito Manifesto is a coffee table book that celebrates Cuisine Portoricaine in a pop and modern approach with a foreword written by his friend José Andrés.


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Jibarito Pop - Plaza Las Américas

An urban project, where 100 beach chairs were painted by the residents of Noja and...

Candy Me

He presents, for the first time, the mixture of large format artworks with neon LED lights...
Meet BeMe

BeMe has been very passionate for art all his life. His formation as an artist has taken him many years of education. He has worked form experimental sculpting to acrylic, working with many styles and techniques. Since 10 years ago he discovered the mixed media and that has become his north and passion. This artist’s work has become an expression of affection due to the fact that he would give these works to people that he believed dearly close to him on special occasions. BeMe makes compositions with any object that comes his way; abstract artworks with a hint of color.


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